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Given the right information people can heal themselves. The human body is constantly creating, restoring and refining balance. Homeopathic remedies, when given  accurately, are themselves pieces of information (Homepathic Constitution) which give the body direction and impetus.

The moves used in the  Bowen Technique work similarly in that very gentle moves act as information to the body to help it reset itself to gain optimal health.

Please read testimonials on acute and chronic conditions to understand the effects that homeopathic and Bowen treatments can have. Their ability to restore one’s health has been proven to be a miraculous gift to people.  Give it to yourself.


For Online Homeopathic Treatment and information over the Bowen Method, please contact:
Krista Voysest, RSHom (N.A),CCH of the Homeopathic Alternative at (608) 362-4940.

Email: homeopathy@krista-voysest.com


Tel: (608) 362-4940         Email: homeopathy@krista-voysest.com